Smash and Eat

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was attracted by the huge, super-girly-looking pink balls covered with colourful sprinkles. I didn’t even know they were edible. The sweets stall was spotted in Myeongdong station’s underground market, where most tenants sold woman’s clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. From far away, I thought those were super sized bath… Read More Smash and Eat

Breathtaking Japanese moss garden cafe is like a real-life setting for a Studio Ghibli anime film

Originally posted on SoraNews24:
With amazing outdoor eating spaces set on moss-covered grounds in the middle of the woods, this is a secret haven for lovers of nature and Studio Ghibli. While Japan is filled with amazing temples, shrines, and World Heritage sites, sometimes there are little known places off the beaten track that simply take…

The Charm of Jakarta’s Old Town

On the occasion of my cousin’s first visit to Jakarta, I accompanied her to the city’s No. 1 tourist destination, Kota Tua (The Old Town). Jakarta was a capital of Dutch Colony for more than 300 years so evidently, there are many old buildings in Dutch architectural style, which have now been preserved, and according to latest news, Kota Tua may become a UNESCO world heritage site in the future. How cool is that.… Read More The Charm of Jakarta’s Old Town

Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 2)

Before we got here, we climbed a mountain to view Bromo’s sunrise. In this post I will continue the journey to the Teletubbies Field, the Whispering Sands, and finally up close at Mount Bromo’s steamy crater. Descended Viewpoint #2, we stopped by a lush land beneath the volcano. The locals named it “Teletubbies Field” (Padang Teletubbies)… Read More Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 2)

Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 1)

Indonesia is an archipelago blessed with a plethora of natural wonders that make fantastic destinations. This time, I’ll take you through a hike to Mount Bromo, the most popular mountain in Java island. Our group moved at 2.30 AM in order to catch the sunrise. It was totally dark outside, and felt incredibly cold. I briefly checked my… Read More Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 1)