Hello, lovely people! Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog DAY DREAM KINGDOM.

Years of living abroad have planted a seed of wanderlust in my heart. I was born in Indonesia, grew up in China, educated in Australia, and now back in my hometown after a total of 14 years abroad. I kind of miss the adventures so I travel when I can. It’s a life-long pursue for me. I want to leave footprints all over the world!

I also love design. Beautiful, cute things move my heart. I love making soft toys. It’d be super awesome if one day I could have my own soft toys empire. Creating is a magical feeling. It’s a huge satisfaction seeing my imagination comes to life.

Being an introvert, blogging is my way of self expression. I created this blog to connect with like-minded people who share my love of crafts or travel. If that’s you, please let me know of your existence by liking my post, commenting, or following.

Have a splendid day!