Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Hi all, are you all giddy for Christmas? ‘Cos the Santa Puppies are! 🙂

It’s just another fine day at North Pole. One of our Santa Puppies, Ludo, was casually strolling around when suddenly, with a loud crash and blinding light, something appeared out of the blue. ‘Whoa!’ Ludo said, ‘The Santa hats have arrived. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Perfect.’ He counted the tower of hats, and there were just enough for every puppy.

Then two other puppies saw Ludo. ‘Hey Ludo, what’s up?’ ‘Look at these’ Ludo said, ‘The hats are here, we are supposed to wear them and get to work. Now go call everyone. I’m going to give one to everybody.’

Very quickly, all five puppies have gathered. Ludo, as usual, took up the leadership role, ‘So as explained, because it’s Christmas, we need to put on santa hats. Then we are going to spread Christmas joy. Come on, chop chop. Everyone line up here. One hat each!’

The puppies were excited to try on the hats. ‘How do I look?’ ‘Very nice. Can someone help me put it on?’ ‘Here, I’ll help you.’

Some puppies were naughty and stole the hats away when Ludo wasn’t looking. They stacked several hats on Miki’s head, and Miki was enjoying it,’Wow,  a tower of hats on my head!’ ‘Whoa… Cool.’said Lesli. Nia smirked and said,’Right? That’s my idea.’ Then suddenly Ludo ran towards them hastily and screamed,’HEYYY! STOP RIGHT THERE. I said one hat each.’ ‘Ooops.’said Nia. 

merry christmas santa puppy dolls
Ludo took the hats back from three little naughties and redistributed to every puppy, one for each. ‘Phew.’ Said Ludo when it is finally done, ‘All done. Now we can go spread holiday cheers! Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.’


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