Googly Cartoon Eyes Last minute Halloween Make-up

Hi all! Halloween is around the corner! What are you dressing up as this year? I know I probably sound too excited but it’s my favourite festival of the year because it gives a perfect excuse to dress up in crazy costumes and be whoever. Sadly I don’t plan to dress up this year because life’s been hectic, and to be frank, Halloween is not a common festival to celebrate in my home country. But still, I want to share an easy cartoon eyes look inspired by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride.

IMG_6026Hasil gambar untuk the corpse bride

The googly cartoon eyes are unique enough to stand out even when you wear simple everyday clothes. If you are going to a formal Halloween party, you can definitely wear your favourite little black dress with this look and look as gorgeous as ever. The make-up itself only took me 20 minutes. Last minute halloween costume problem solved!

I had a good time creating this and was fairly pleased of the outcome. It somehow has a comical effect and not scary. However in retrospect, I think it’ll look more ‘halloweeny’ if I didn’t apply blush because ghosts and the likes don’t usually have rosy cheeks… 😛 What do you think?IMG_6051


For those who are interested, it’s actually quite easy to create. The logic is to create a visual illusion to enlarge the white part of the eye.

  1. Use a white eyeliner pencil (the kind to draw on waterlines) to sketch a perfect circle starting from one corner of the eye, ending in another. Note, the top half of the circle is your eye so you only need to do the bottom half.
  2. Fill in the half-circle shape under your eyes with white eye pencil. Depending on your pencil’s quality, if the colour white doesn’t show up bold enough, you may need to add some layers of white eyeshadow.
    (Don’t have white eyeshadow? Look again. I didn’t realise I had white shadow as I never purposely bought one. Surprisingly, I found a white shade – a sparkly one- in my eyeshadow combo box, originally to be used near the brow as a highlighter.)
  3. Line your upper lids normally with a black eyeliner.
  4. Line your lower lids and fill your waterline with a white eye pencil. Make sure your lower lids are non-existent.
  5. Draw a border around the lower half circle with a black eyeliner.
  6. Apply dark eye shadow on your upper lids and around the bottom border to accentuate the circles.
    (I used dark blue eye shadow outside the black line, and blended in some black eye shadow too since my blue one was too light.)
  7. Draw the brows using black eyeliner to achieve a dramatic effect.
  8. Lastly, put on fake lashes, and lipstick as usual.

Done! Now go unleash your true power.


Don’t forget to let me know if you decided to try this look! Comment below or tag me at instagram: @twinklelin. 🙂

Happy Halloween!





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