Smash and Eat

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was attracted by the huge, super-girly-looking pink balls covered with colourful sprinkles. I didn’t even know they were edible. The sweets stall was spotted in Myeongdong station’s underground market, where most tenants sold woman’s clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. From far away, I thought those were super sized bath bombs, the fancy ones like from LUSH cosmetics, perhaps with rose petals and strawberry shortcakes aroma. As it turned out, these were some kind of snacks called Schneeballen.

Schneeballen means ‘snowball cake’. It’s a German pastry originated in Rothenburg, a beautifully decorated ball, roughly10 cm in diameter. Intrigued, I bought one in white chocolate to share with my travel companion.
By the way, they also have cute cupcakes. Korea is truly a heaven for girls – full of cute stuffs, even the food.

Right, so after I paid, the Ahjuma (auntie) put one in a paper bag and smashed it with a wooden hammer! My heart died a little. Although we knew from the sign at the counter that it was meant to be destroyed. This is how it looked inside the bag.


How about the taste? Well, it’s crunchy and dry, like a cookie. With a thin coat of solid dark choc and white choc. Nothing special. Oh well, the lack of a wow factor in taste was compensated by an appealing exterior. Perhaps I need to go to Germany one day to taste the original schneeballen.


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