Pokemon Go Car Free Day!

Thanks to Pokemon Go, these days I am more than happy to wake up early on a weekend in order to go pokemon hunting before the weather gets too hot and unbearable. The search for pokemon has taken me places and let me see the city in a new light. I hope you lovely readers don’t mind me combine wanderlust posts with Pokemon because I’ll have more of these coming up!


If you happen to be in Jakarta on a Sunday, don’t miss out on Car Free Day. It’s a government’s initiative to promote healthy living by closing off the city’s main road from Thamrin to Sudirman every Sunday morning from 7 to 11 AM. During these hours, the road is totally car-free. People are free to walk, run, skate or cycle.


All sorts of people flock there, families with young children, teenagers hanging out with friends, couples on a sporty date, singles with dogs, tourists with cameras, and even old people come to exercise. It’s not just about exercising though. There are plenty of stalls along the Thamrin end, selling local produce, food and snacks, clothes, and some other items, such as phone cases and other accessories. It’s become a recreational destination with lots of fun. 

My fun is of course finding lots of pokemon while brisk walking and taking in all positive vibes this place has to offer. I’d throw a pokeball in style with groovy music cranked up from one of the street stalls in the background. I’d enjoy street performance on the way to the next pokestop. Some were great but there was this ridiculous woman who held a portable stereo and sang out of tunes karaoke looking for donation. It’s funny because people laughed it off and walked past without giving any, and she sang more desperately. By the way, there were so many pokestops that I had to throw away some potions to make room in my bag. And there were lures too, so when feeling tired, I sat on the side of the road catching pokemon. Very cozy. Don’t worry, there were a bunch of weirdos like me so I didn’t stand out and it’s fine.


Now, it shouldn’t be held every week but that day I came across a small festival at Sarinah. Funny story, I was initially lured there by a lure rather than the tunes. Electro beats were pumping and there was a DJ on stage and the crowd went ballistic when the crew sprayed them with water guns. Absolute energy explosion! See the short video and you’ll know what I mean. I ended up accidental partying for a bit.

And then I found this cute fella in an impromptu petting zoo on the road. Hi cutie, what pokemon are you? >_< The man selling it told me a rather fancy species name that I didn’t remember so let’s call it raccoon-squirrel-mouse for now. It’s cool they let people touch it without requesting a donation. It quickly climbed my arm and its tiny moist feet made the weirdest, foreign sensation on my skin. It was friendly and didn’t bite. I personally love the thought of having a pet but could never keep one alive so I guess I’ll come visit next time. 

Without realizing, I walked for two and a half hours. Achievements? Got a bag full of items, caught many pokemon, registered an Ekans (do you realize it’s S-N-A-K-E spelled backwards?) into Pokedex, hatched a Bulbasaur, and picked up a 10 KM egg! Wonder how that goes? I will update you when it hatched.

Bye for now.


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