Pokemon Go 10 KM Egg Hatch!

I hatched a 10 KM egg! If you recall, I got my first 10 KM egg on a lucky Sunday. It made my day. I lovingly stare at it (read: constantly check remaining KM on the tiny bar below it) whenever possible. Then come the question, how to hatch a Pokemon egg, faster? This is a mini guide on Pokemon Go egg-hatching.

pokemon egg hatch

It’s as straightforward as the game instruction: walk to hatch an egg. Yes, more walking. During the excitement of a 10 KM egg in an incubator, I deliberately scheduled more walking time. It’s not that hard, really. I was super motivated that I took unnecessary turns to make a usual trip longer. Then after dinner I’d be pumped to go out for 1-2 hours. At weekends, I’d spend up to 4 hours in the park.

And here’s a hack: leave your Pokemon Go app open while in a car. For your own safety please don’t play while driving, simply having it open will do the trick. The app picks up movement below 20 KM/hour so it’s good for Jakarta’s traffic jam. You may say it is cheating but I don’t feel as guilty because the phone is indeed with me at all times and it’s a part of my real commute. It’s certainly better than letting someone else walk your phone.

pokemon go 10 km egg hatch

 So how long exactly until my 10 KM Pokemon egg hatched? Well, in my case the miracle happened in five days. I was going home from my nightly walk when the screen went ‘Oh?’ with a cute little egg. Does anyone else think it looks like Yoshi’s egg from Super Mario? Anyways, said egg cracked while I waited with anticipation. And it was an Onix! I was thrilled since I’ve never seen one in my area and it registered on Pokedex for the first time. Yay to additional XP! This may be funny but at that time I hadn’t realized it was the 10 KM egg that hatched as I had two eggs on incubation. I knew that only after checking the 10 KM one was gone. Great 🙂

Onix hatched from 10 KM egg

As a bonus, here’s an ultimate egg chart to guess what pokemon may be born from your current egg. Which one do you want the most?

pokemon go egg hatching km cheat sheet



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