5 Must Bring Items for Playing Pokemon Go

pokemon go

Two weeks ago when I installed Pokemon Go app, I wasn’t convinced a mere app would make me walk a lot. I mean, I knew how the game worked but didn’t think I’d be so into it. It has become a new habit of mine, checking surrounding areas virtually in between work at day, and a nightly walk around the neighbourhood after dinner. I even dedicated my weekends for pokemon searching in parks. Soon enough, I developed a ‘poke gear’ – a simple bag for grab and go which contains all my poke-hunting necessities. Here’s a list of the top 5 essentials (beside your smartphone, of course!) to make the most of your poke-hunt.

1.Power bank


It’s no news that Pokemon Go app drains phone battery real fast. My iphone 5, for example, can drop horrifyingly from 100% to 58% in just half an hour of playing. I may be on the extreme end because I force close the app a lot during game play (like 5 times in an hour). I’m in Indonesia where phone signal stability is not the best. I haven’t figured out a better way than to restart it each time it freezes due to lost signals. Therefore I’ve learned to bring along a fully charged power bank to keep the juice running.

2. Water


Let’s face it, we can get thirsty while walking around. I read somewhere it’s too late to drink water when feeling thirsty because that means the body is already dehydrated. So bring a water bootle and remember to drink a gulp every now and then. Your body will thank you.


I hesitated putting food on this list and decided carrying some money is enough. You can always buy snacks at a mini market. On a note, I still put water on this list because I don’t believe in buying bottled water. I’d prefer to save that money, and like to think I’m doing my bit for the environment. 🙂 Another time when money will come in handy is when you realise you have wandered far from your starting point and too tired to go back on foot. Add to the tragedy, your phone and power bank are both dead so there is no point in walking anyway. If you carry some money you can hop on a public transport or hail a taxi to get home.

4. LED sneakers


Say hello to the bright and shiny LED shoes. These are normal sneakers with LED lights on the soles, charged by USB cables just like you would charge your phone. Mine comes with 8 colours setting and 3 colour changing speed modes. I wear them when going on my nightly pokemon hunts. I sometimes wear them on daytime too because why not, they are sneakers and we need comfortable shoes when doing tons of walking. More importantly, I wear them as a safety precaution to help me catch drivers/motorbikers attentions. Of course I try to be alert and aware of my surroundings when playing but when most of my attention is devoted to the phone screen in front of me, it takes extra effort to process other information. Why not make things easier by making yourself noticeable? Plus I think LED shoes are cool. Pokemon hunting is a perfect excuse to wear them out. 😉

5. Identification

Okay, we all have heard bad stories related to Pokemon Go obsession. It’s even noted in the app’s starting screen to ‘be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.’ Please do so (even though you are wearing LED sneakers). Have an ID with you so if an accident happened, you can be identified easily if any urgent measure is needed. For example, if an immediate surgery is needed, the hospital can contact your family. An identity card or a driver’s license will suffice.


So there you go. What do you think of these tips? What are your number one must bring item when catching ’em all?



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