Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 2)

Before we got here, we climbed a mountain to view Bromo’s sunrise. In this post I will continue the journey to the Teletubbies Field, the Whispering Sands, and finally up close at Mount Bromo’s steamy crater.

Descended Viewpoint #2, we stopped by a lush land beneath the volcano. The locals named it “Teletubbies Field” (Padang Teletubbies)  because of its resemblance to the scenery in the TV show.


And me with my overactive imagination preferred to think of it as a dinosaur land. You see that mass of curvy hills behind me? Nope, they’re not hills, it’s the body of a brachiosaurus while napping…

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)

Next, we went on to visit Mount Batok. Yes, that chubby little mountain you remembered from previous post. The area where it was situated was a vast desert of ash called “Whispering Sands” (Pasir Berbisik). It was sprinkling light rain so the ground was moist. The wind could not swipe up any sands to make it ‘whisper’, unfortunately. But no worries. I was amazed at the sudden change of scenery from the green field we were just in to this vast grey land.



FullSizeRender (28)

We encountered some motorcycle activists raving up their bikes and practising tricks. By the way, that’s Mount Batok. Am I the only one who think it looks like pudding? 😀


Next up is our final destination, Mt. Bromo’s crater. Nearing the foot of Mt. Bromo was a restricted area so our jeeps could not enter. Instead, there were two options: to walk 1 km or to take a horse. The distance wasn’t too long but some of us gladly took this chance to try out horse-riding. Here’s our little army of warriors.


FullSizeRender (29)

We traveled on horseback from those tiny dots down there. From this point on horses were prohibited so we must rely on our own stamina to climb to the top.

FullSizeRender (30)

It was a steep and narrow concrete staircase of 250 steps. It’s not as scary as it sounded. Definitely nowhere as daunting as our hike to the Ijen crater. In fact the only hard part was the wait, since the stairs could only fit one person at a time. Finally, we arrived in front of the crater.

bromo crater

I imagined it as a dragon den. How cool would it be if a dragon flew out of it!


Only part of the crater was guarded by a safety ledge. If you do visit, please take care and don’t wander off to the unguarded side. Not long after my trip there was news that a university student fell into the crater because he got too close to the edge just to take a selfie. My pictures above were taken from as close as I could get within the safety mark and they’re great so no point in getting closer than you should. Please love your life and don’t die a stupid death!

Now, if you haven’t already, go check out the stunning view of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in my previous post: Beautiful Bromo – A hike to the volcano (Part 1).

More info on Bromo and how to visit via Wiki Travel.





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