Mermaid Dress-up Doll

I confess, I have a thing for mermaids. It’d be great to roam the oceans and live a carefree life. Not to mention owning sparkly under-the-sea treasures and be friends with sea creatures. So I designed a mermaid doll to satisfy my inner child.

mermaid felt doll

She is 18cm (7 inches) tall. Made of felt and poly filling, with embroidered eyes and very long mint green yarn hair. I wanted the mermaid to be able to transform into human form so the bright green fish tail is designed to be removable. I hope this makes the doll a perfect story-telling companion and encourage a child’s fantasy. To complete the experience, I also made a frilly princess dress that the doll can change into. It’s very girly with peach coloured lace and pink polkadots fabric. All clothing items (purple bikini top, fish tail, and dress) are detachable by velcro.

Today my 5-year-old niece came over and she was beyond excited to see this doll. She especially loved to give the doll different hairstyles and change outfits over and over again. Maybe next time I shall make more clothes to play with.

Love this doll? Now you can buy her here.

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