Which Disney Princess are You?

If you were a Disney Princess, who would you be? Snow White, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty… I’d love to take turns to try out being each princess for a day! That way I can have so many adventures. Life in a fairytale must be awesome, don’t you agree? Beautiful settings, cute creatures, great adventures, and best of all, life is always a happily-ever-after, usually with a handsome prince waiting for you in the end.  ❤

disney princess

Not sure which princess to pick? Let your personality decide! This cute chart by Simbaga assigns each MBTI personality to a princess. It will help if you already know your type, but in case you don’t, you can take a test here for free.

MBTI disney princess

Which Disney Princess are you? I got Aurora the sleeping beauty. I’m happy with this: I love to sleep, a long nap won’t hurt, haha…😀

How about you, which Disney Princess are you?


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