Wander around town: Hong Kong

Let’s take a brief stroll around Hong Kong today. The name ‘Hong Kong’ translates to ‘fragrant harbour’ in Chinese, which suits it quite well since it is a harbour city that served as an important trading hub under British colony. In the old age where transportation was limited by road and water, Hong Kong benefited tremendously from its location and became a wealthy city.

FullSizeRender (6)

It still is today, with Hong Kong’s property being one of world’s most expensive. Over 7 million people lives in this small city. Hong Kong is ranked #4 in population density according to Index Mundi Population Density Comparison with the first being Macau. It is no surprise to find an abundant of high rise buildings here.


With high population comes high competition. People seem busy, walking fast in long strides, even though they may not be aware of it. That’s just the norms. Everyone has something to do,  somewhere to go.


I love the bustling energy of this city. Even the elderly has a destination and purpose. They definitely do not lay in bed all day. The city is so alive.

FullSizeRender (18)

You can often find something new and unique in this city, such as these handmade buns in fun shapes that are both cute and wonderful. The corn-shaped ones are buns with lotus and corn fillings, and the pear-shaped ones are red bean paste fillings. Interesting!

FullSizeRender (11)FullSizeRender (10)

I certainly like wandering around a foreign town aimlessly, just exploring, and discovering new things and scenery. Here we are at a bus stop. Are you brave enough to hop into the unknown?

FullSizeRender (12)

Next, let’s take a look at Hongkong’s airport.

See you ’round the corner 😉


7 thoughts on “Wander around town: Hong Kong

  1. Amazing pictures! This was such an interesting read. Im happy to have come across your blog!



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