Are You Divergent?

Note: This post is originally published at my old blog in 2014 and I’m moving it here due to popular demand.


Since it is still 04-04-2014 at another side of the globe, I think it is a good time to write about my latest movie obsession: Divergent. Why the date, you asked?

Because the main guy character is called Four! Acted by handsome Theo James. So cool and unpretentious, he gave a cold impression at first, but as his relationship with Tris (main girl character) progressed, he became caring and protective. A bad boy with a soft spot. Ladies, this guy accidentally melts hearts😉

The movie is set in the future after the world suffered from a huge war. To ensure peace, people are categorised according to their personalities into 4 ‘factions’ and once they choose a faction they are supposed to work in the area of their faction’s specialisation forever. If they cannot survive, they will be doomed fractionless (equivalent of homeless in our world). The plot begins when Tris’ test result is a ‘divergent’, which means she is a combination and does not belong in any faction. The system of their world does not allow this to happen because people with free minds cannot be controlled and are a threat to the peace. Can Tris survive? No more spoiler. Go watch the movie if you haven’t!

The most interesting is the idea of factions. I think Veronica Roth is exceptionally talented to be able to create such a concept. Dauntless is for the brave, Abnegation the selfless, Amity the kind, Erudite the smart, and Candor the honest. I wondered where I would possibly fit throughout the movie. How extremely happy I was when discovered the aptitude test online.

Divergent Aptitude Test

I am mainly Amity: peaceful, kind, and generally the happy people 🙂 This blog does a good job explaining the traits. People are also supposed to dress according to their faction in the movie. You can check out the fashion here.

How about you, in which faction do you belong?


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