Hello, Welcome. Join My Journey!

Hello, lovely people! Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog DAY DREAM KINGDOM. My new year’s resolution is to stop negative thinking for good and be positive. It is not an easy goal since I’m prone to depression but I’m prepared to fight for it. I figured I need to control my mindset and learn to create more happy thoughts. However, a goal must have some kind of measurement to keep track of progression, right? Since my goal is intangible and impossible to measure, I created this blog in the hope to record and share the happiness I have created in my life. I’m making a commitment to frequently reflect and actively evoke positive emotions by writing posts about things I love.

I love travelling, photography, design and art. During free time I like to edit pictures, making dolls and soft toys, and basically just doing creative things with my hands. It is wonderful to see the creatures in my day dreams come to life. I want to share them with the world.  They are 100% handmade and can be purchased at my Etsy Shop or Bigcartel. It will be nice to hear your thoughts. For example, this Mermaid Doll I recently made. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

You will also find my travel stories and photography, like this one. Years of living abroad have planted a seed of wanderlust in my heart. Born in Indonesia, grew up in China, educated in Australia, and now back in my hometown after a total of 14 years abroad. Travel is my life-long pursue. I hope to leave footprints all over the world and share the joy of travelling.

Being an introvert, blogging is a way of self expression. Not only to keep track of my journey towards a positive life, I created this blog also to connect with like-minded people who share my love of crafts and/or travel. If that’s you, please let me know of your existence by liking my post, commenting below, or following (thank you!). Follow my blog with Bloglovin. Alternatively, you can inbox me here:


Thank you for reading and have a splendid day! 🙂



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