Hello, Welcome. Join My Journey!

Hello, lovely people! Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog. Being an introvert, blogging is a way of self expression. Not only to keep track of my journey towards a positive life, I created this blog also to connect with like-minded people who share my love of crafts and/or travel. … Read More Hello, Welcome. Join My Journey!

Christmas Bears

Christmas time is best spent with the ones you love. It is also a good time to reflect on current year and be thankful of life. I am so blessed to have all of you here on WordPress who have subscribed and supported this blog with your likes and construsive kind words. It’s the same… Read More Christmas Bears

Tea Party

Hot tea, sugar cubes, milk, biscuits and sweets… It’s tea o’clock so let’s party! Featuring a baby polar bear and a little puppy doll, my newest soft toy creation, and the cutest to date. They are only as big as your palm, and can fit into a teacup for that extra “awww” factor.  I had… Read More Tea Party

Googly Cartoon Eyes Last minute Halloween Make-up

The googly cartoon eyes are unique enough to stand out even when you wear simple everyday clothes. If you are going to a formal Halloween party, you can definitely wear your favourite little black dress with this look and look as gorgeous as ever. The make-up itself is easy and only took me 20 minutes. Last minute halloween costume problem solved!… Read More Googly Cartoon Eyes Last minute Halloween Make-up

Smash and Eat

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was attracted by the huge, super-girly-looking pink balls covered with colourful sprinkles. I didn’t even know they were edible. The sweets stall was spotted in Myeongdong station’s underground market, where most tenants sold woman’s clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. From far away, I thought those were super sized bath… Read More Smash and Eat

Have You Watched Ice Fantasy? This Latest Chinese Drama Will Have You Lost In A Magical World!

Welcome to 2016, it seems like we 90s’ kid-dults have entered a revolutionary era where childhood memories are recreated. First we relived worldwide fever of Pokemon through life-changing Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go. Now a Chinese drama Ice Fantasy is rocking Chinese-speaking communities, largely fueled by nostalgia of a bestselling novel, City of Fantasy (《幻城》), and… Read More Have You Watched Ice Fantasy? This Latest Chinese Drama Will Have You Lost In A Magical World!

The Charm of Jakarta’s Old Town

On the occasion of my cousin’s first visit to Jakarta, I accompanied her to the city’s No. 1 tourist destination, Kota Tua (The Old Town). Jakarta was a capital of Dutch Colony for more than 300 years so evidently, there are many old buildings in Dutch architectural style, which have now been preserved, and according to latest news, Kota Tua may become a UNESCO world heritage site in the future. How cool is that.… Read More The Charm of Jakarta’s Old Town

Birthday BBQ party + DIY Chalkboard Sign

Believe it or not, I’ve lived in three countries and I have a birthday twin in each who is actually a friend and not just some random people. For our birthday this August, Ko Iwan and I had a casual Grill n’ Chill barbecue party. Just a nice and simple get together with close friends. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a chalkboard sign like the menu in a hip bar or cafe? … Read More Birthday BBQ party + DIY Chalkboard Sign